Saturday, 21 December 2013


I am in Sweden now, in the cold, dark lands of the north, where there is no snow but rain, rain, rain in one of the mildest winters to date. I arrived yesterday morning and spent the better part of the day at my grandparent's, holding my grandfather's hand, and only took a later airplane to UmeƄ. I fell asleep at nine and slept until 8.30 this morning, and then we--that being me, sister Sofia, and mamma--decided to go to town and pop into a few stores and have fika at Nya Konditoriet. But it was cold, and I was ill-equipped to handle it, and so Sofia helped me search through the boxes packed away in the store room to find my long coat, which we did, and once we were all bundled up, we set off only to return a few hours later, with a new pair of gloves a hat with two tassels and a few other bits and bobs in tow.

We finished the evening by wrapping presents and writing rhymes to go with them.