Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

'Tis a good age we live in.

Good Times Abound

Professor Whitekettle teaches theology at nine in the morning.

I went for a walk in the snow.

Melissa puts the finishing touches on her literary masterpiece.

Out and about with the Agents in White.

Melissa has a crazy bookcase.

I visited friends in Sweden.

My Christmas present. A leather bag bought in a secondhand store. Can it get better?
I put cloves into oranges.

I decorated the Christmas tree.

We hiked into the woods.

and we found our uncle's gray house by the gray sea.

 I got stuck.

I love my sister.

We blew our breath out frosty inside the gray house by the gray sea.

I warmed myself in the car...

...and put my feet on the dashboard.

We visited my grandfather's grave.

Sofia took a bath.

I flew in a small propeller airplane from Toronto to Grand Rapids.

It snowed in Amerikat.

I wore my retainers to bed.

Erin visited. And apparently, so did Beckham.

I cleaned the kitchen

Thumbs up for John Lennon

I met John Lennon. He is a fifteen-year-old kid who lives in Grand Rapids and goes by the name Jack. He dances ballet and is learning to fly an airplane. He takes today's title for most eclectic personality.

Sundays are wonderful. Weekends, in general, are wonderful. I like knowing on Friday that I'll have a few days to do whatever I want--in this case, I baked cakes and cleaned the kitchen and watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader and sliced my thumb open--in no specific order.

Bell peppers are slippery suckers.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sister Sofia

In other news, my sister has made it into Västerbottens-Kuriren, a local newspaper in Sweden. I am so very proud of her. The title reads, "Her guiding star is love."

(P.S. We were learning about hyphens in school the other day. Västerbottens-Kuriren is hyphenated.)