Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Garden

I live in a very English house with carpets and steep, narrow stairs and a wonderful little garden in the back. A woodpigeon lives in the high branches of the weeping willow and I've seen a shy cat sit on the low wall by the holly bush. We have beautiful views out our kitchen window, though my housemates tell me it can get a bit chilly come wintertime. I'm going to hang up a bird feeder as soon as I find one.

Snail in sunshine

A Change in the Air

Notice my stripey socks. 

And pockets. We musn't forget the pockets.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fresh Faced

Good morning!

Today I am going to wear stripes, though not sure they'll be enough to ward off the cold.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday's Best

You should know I always feel really silly taking these pictures.

Room in Bath

This is my new room in Bath.

My housemates gave me handful of White Rabbit and a cup of tea on my arrival.

 My few possessions in the world.

Wuv, Twu Wuv

They're both winking. 

Pumpkin Dress

"Stand over there, next to the rosehips," says mom. "You match." 


Joel performs at his own surprise birthday party. We made him "practice" his songs beforehand by having him play and sing for us the night before.

Autumn Days

This is Joel and Sofia's new home, a little house in the countryside. 

It comes equipped with an aquarium with dolphins

 and a fireplace.

 Their Ukrainian garden gnome finally found its purpose in life.

 Cake! It was Joel's birthday after all.

My brother's studio 

Joel trying on his new coat. 

Joel and Sofia and their mothers-in-law 

What a brilliant autumn day.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Church Weekend

After a week in Uppsala, I flew back up north to mamma and pappa, and almost as soon as my feet hit the tarmac, I was shuffled off to a highly enjoyable church weekend.

Prayer before evening coffee and cake

Hilda tries to put a stone in her elder brother's ear. Sharing is caring.

Taking a break after being hit in the head with a football. 

Mamma had rolled them up. Now he's rolling them down. 

The two stages of Pokemon evolution

To guide my feet, a ring of light

that cuts best through a foggy night

Pink Hair

One of the best things about my trip to Uppsala was seeing my sister again. She took the ferry in from Ă…land to hang out for a day or two. It was a tight squeeze to fit all four of us into my brother's two room apartment.

Note the matching cups.

"Your father knows."

And we met Jacob. We made him play the ukelele and sing for us when we took a road trip out to my brother's new house. The car radio was broken.


As Joel and I were making our way back along the harbour, we were joined students from Hogwarts who had eschewed their broomsticks for transportation a little less conspicuous.

If you've been to Stockholm before, these next few pictures may all be old hat to you. Bear with me. In the meanwhile you can amuse yourself by spotting my brother, who will be making several cameos in the city landscape.

Years ago, my friend Natalie visited from England and we went to a cafe in this square. It is directly to the right of Joel. There is a staircase that will take you down into the murky depths, where you will find old tables and lit candles.

I don't know about you but I think that crow looks very smug. In the best possible way.

Hey, I just realized I made it into the picture.

The church at evening light

I'm swingin' in the rain, I'm swingin' in the rain. Oh, what a glorious feeling...

No roof? No problem.