Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Steninge Slott

Uppland is beautiful. I have heard people find it too flat. Flat is uninteresting, boring, without feature to stir the imagination. But I quite enjoy the view. It breaks with the dense evergreen forests in the north where everything feels just a little bit wilder, a little more remote. Uppland feels cultivated, historic, tamed by hundreds of years of farming and battles and events of significance.

Picnics in the park are not allowed.

Lotta and I took a detour on our way back from Sigtuna and we stopped to explore the castle grounds. Steninge Slott is a very small castle, perfect for a recluse author. The plan is to make a lot of money and then build my own stately manor one day. Lotta is encouraging of my plan, but only as long as I give her a wing to live in. I shall shut the doors and lurk about my castle and terrorize the villagers. 

We stayed so long the gates were shut and locked by the time we finished our tour. 
But not to worry. We just climbed the railing. 

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