Friday, 27 June 2014

From Below

 I had a stomachache today and as I was not very useful at anything really, household chores included, and therefore I sat on a pillow on the grass at grandmother's house and saw the world from an entirely different perspective.

Change is a good thing.

The House That Time Forgot

I know I have shown you pictures of my grandmother's house before (this is the grandmother on my mother's side, also known as mormor, who lives in a small village nearby), but I'll show you pictures again. It'll probably be a recurring theme for the rest of the summer.

Mormor likes to decorate with mirrors in her garden.

It was the first real sunny day today, and it was glorious.

The door

The house is the house that time forgot. It is always the same and I suspect it has been the same for a very long time. I have never seen a house quite like it.

By the front door, Mormor has set up a icy still life of the south pole with a polar bear and penguins...and a panda.

Tea time!

And after fika it was straight back to work, folding linens in the sunshine.

Brothers, Mothers

My pappa and I drove to Stockholm to celebrate my grandmother on her eightieth birthday. Farmor is one of the kindest, most generous people I know, who always looks to others' well-being before her own.

This is my grandfather's brother Gilles and his wife Ulla. I said her dress was lovely. She told me she never wears them, but today was another matter. She only owns three and Gilles picked this one. "It's new," she said. "Twenty-five years old. Never been worn."  

A delicious sandwich cake

Many guests came, friends, family, and I spent a large portion of the time talking to my cousin Lucas whom I rarely get to see.

My uncle and grandmother herself. Happy birthday, Farmor!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Midsummer's Day

This dress cost me exactly ten Singapore dollars. I bought it in Chinatown and had completely forgotten about it until I unearthed it in a box in the garage. I wore it for Midsummer and felt a bit like Jane Austen. Don't mind the terribly boring background. My parents are still moving into their new house.

On another note, I am very pleased with my hair.


I bought these shoes for four gold pieces. Not bad at all.