to consistently write 500 words a day
to interview people of interest
to have a mismatched tea-set from before anytime before the 1980s
to build a house with a room like a captain's cabin
to live in a castle
to own big guard dogs that I might be able to say "Let slip the dogs of war"
to interview my grandparents and record their stories
to own a corn snake and a pot-bellied pig
to learn to surf
to become a professional snowboarder
to buy a gramophone
to grow basil and oregano in my kitchen
to paint with oils
to travel the reaches of Scotland and England
to take a trip down the Nile
to take a trip down the Amazon
to travel on the Orient Express
to own and fill my own bookshelf
to publish a work of fiction
to brush up on my Japanese
to read about Korean culture and learn the language
to learn Chinese and Old English
to read books on bird and flower types of Singapore and take steps towards identifying them both
to challenge myself
to learn to cook local Singaporean dishes
to read more Shakespeare
to write poetry worth reading
to become a more frequent correspondent
to own a cat 
to take up karate again
to live for a while in Clovelly, North Devon
to get my scuba diving license
to take archery lessons
to successfully make Turkish Delight