Saturday, 20 September 2014


As Joel and I were making our way back along the harbour, we were joined students from Hogwarts who had eschewed their broomsticks for transportation a little less conspicuous.

If you've been to Stockholm before, these next few pictures may all be old hat to you. Bear with me. In the meanwhile you can amuse yourself by spotting my brother, who will be making several cameos in the city landscape.

Years ago, my friend Natalie visited from England and we went to a cafe in this square. It is directly to the right of Joel. There is a staircase that will take you down into the murky depths, where you will find old tables and lit candles.

I don't know about you but I think that crow looks very smug. In the best possible way.

Hey, I just realized I made it into the picture.

The church at evening light

I'm swingin' in the rain, I'm swingin' in the rain. Oh, what a glorious feeling...

No roof? No problem.

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