Friday, 26 November 2010

Airship Theology

Humans are quite small, mired down in pettiness of feeling, of narrow-minded thoughts, constantly backing themselves into corners or staying too long in one place. Like teabags, they steep in the hot water of their circumstances and are forever changed. And how could they possibly see the workings of the world when they are constantly pulled into quagmires by the turnings of the everyday?

I, for one, rise above such matters, mostly because I have my own dirigible to command. It helps to be able to quite literally remove yourself from the circumstances and float, far above the scrutiny of the ill-willers and evil-doers. From here, it is much easier to divide and conquer. Because, as you see, while you and yours are busy running about, following the latest trends, burying your heads in the academic sand, being engulfed by homework or politics or swallowed by the immediate emotional landscape, I plot and scheme in quiet solitude far above your heads. I rustle my maps in the peace of my study and play Risk, in anticipation of my future accomplishments.

If only you would take the time to realize--and really, I thank you that the concept has eluded you completely--that it is not the next paper or test or assignment or interview or even load of laundry that is important, but rather the big picture altogether. Time and again, you fail to realise your full potential and your ability to manipulate it accordingly.

You think that burying your head and heart and soul into a fit of passion will keep you alive and relatively well-preserved in the years to come. This is a complete fallacy. You will have a future, certainly, but a lonely one. Your plans are ultimately futile because you fail to fit your life into the bigger picture, to consider how family, friends, and the Great Master Above will be part of the extrapolation, to look at your life from a global perspective. You have failed to propel yourself to greater heights, from which you could see the great and beautiful expanse that is the world at large.

To live for yourself is to live small. And there is no future in that.

Far above you,
Captain Esmon Cloudcutter


Jana Tan said...

This is beautiful AND full of Sanna character :-)

Nard said...
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S.L. Gabriel said...

Thank you very much! It means a lot to hear from you. =)