Thursday, 24 January 2013


I understand the joy of the model train aficionado. Because I am a writer with a limited attention span, I oftentimes do not like sitting down to write chronically. I do not have the determination and tenacity of say, Gary Schmidt, who consistently writes 500 words a day, picking up exactly where he left off. Rather, I'm a bit of a flake, a wayward upstart overrun with conflicting whims and shallow affections, endlessly growing bored with the first passage and running off to the next chapter in hopes of fresh entertainment. Once bored, I am hopeless, and I must begin something unrelated, another chapter, a new viewpoint, a different angle--and with a start, I realize the two parts can fit together with a bit of tweaking, cannibalizing bits of a chapter--an arm here, a leg there--and slowly, slowly hooking them together like cars on a railroad, running electricity through the sum of their parts and finding that it's alive! It's alive! 

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