Tuesday, 16 July 2013


After our excursion up the mountain, the three of us set out for Conwy, a little village by the sea with many, many little shops filled with curiosas and maps and souvenirs.

By then we were feeling a bit peckish and looked for a good place to rest our feet. Anna's Tea Rooms was wonderful, and we ordered the soup and sandwich. My sandwich was feta cheese and cranberry, a combination I can wholeheartedly recommend, should you ever be in the area. And since I was in England, I also ordered a cream tea which was unsurprisingly delicious. Francis, our resident Englishman, helped me polish off the pot and ate one of my fruit scones.

A tea room in red and pink

A bumblebee!

Children fishing along the pier with poles and buckets and string and nets.

Natalie took this picture of a seagull.

Pigeons along the roof

All in all, we had a splendid time. Eventually Natalie and I ducked into a souvenir shop and we each bought a map of the shipwrecks off the Welsh coast. It will go nicely with the other maps in my flat in Singapore.

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