Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Dragon Kiln

On a very rainy Saturday, a brave troupe of friends set out for the only two existing dragon kilns in Singapore. It was warm and wet, but the kilns did not disappoint.

This is the bottom of the dragon kiln where the fires are stoked. The dragon kiln is always built on a hill, and the heat of the fire at the bottom rises up to warm the rest of the kiln.

We carried on to the next dragon kiln by hiking through a muddy field and an unopened park. The Thow Kwang dragon kiln is still family-run and is consequently in a much better state of repair. The family sells ceramics of an assortment of colours and sizes, and some potters work out of the back of the studio.

The dragon kiln is revered, and the owners have set out joss sticks and offerings on top of it.

A very sad-looking masterpiece in the back of the shop

I bought this cup and I got to meet its maker. I was very excited.

We got to talking with one of the artists, and he revealed that his sculptures had been commissioned for the yet-unopened park. The above works were inspired by termite mounds. All in all, an excellent way to round off the day. 

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