Saturday, 16 August 2014

Ernst Kirschteiger Dass

     In the still cold month of June, we visited my uncle's little grey house by the sea. He had recently renovated their outhouse and wanted to show us the result. Outhouse in Swedish is known as 'dass' which was taken from the German 'das haus,' literally 'the house.' Das haus' was too long to say, and it was soon shortened to just dass. Outhouses were often communal with several holes for several people, where they could sit and do their business and share the latest gossip. Dass was also known as 'hemlighus,' or 'house of secrets,' because what is more private than the loo to share your secrets?

My uncle explains. His daughter listens in admiration.

There is no better place to rest your bum than here. Enjoy the view.

Perhaps some Donald Duck to pass the time?

Ernst Kirschteiger would be proud.

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