Friday, 15 May 2015

Welsh Wellies

This is one of my favourite pictures ever. This is Ben (left) and Harry (right) in a fish and chip shop in Oddown, looking over flyers for Bargain Booze. Ben is from Wales, and he represents England in clay pigeon shooting. I asked him why that was.

"My mum is Welsh," he informed me. "My dad is English. When I was deciding which team to shoot for, I was told I'd be a better shot in England because I'd be pushed to get in the team. There are loads of great juniors."

See those wellies Ben's wearing? One time he was on a pheasant shoot in North Wales, the Brigands estate, and after the first day of shooting, one of the guns didn't like Ben's old, muddy wellies from the local farm store. In fact, it bothered the man so much that he bought Ben a new pair of Le Chameau wellies worth £300 and had them delivered to the hotel the next day. 

"Here you go," he said. "Just don't ever wear those other ones out shooting again."

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