Friday, 15 June 2012

Spring then Summer

Dear Friends,

 Summer came with a bang. Winter held on with cold, gnarled hands, and spring only slowly unfolded, but one day the sun came out and suddenly the world was green again. There isn't much of a spring up here in the northern regions, only a brief mist of greeny-gray over the trees for a few weeks, and then a cool, full-fledged summer. I am sitting on my cot, taking a break from housecleaning to finally write another post.

Our small rhubarb bushes next to our cottage in the woods

I am sorry for my silence, but I have alternatively been very busy TESOLing and studying for my driver's license or meeting up with people to celebrate graduation or birthdays or end of the term activities. I have done a bit of spring cleaning and a bit of loppis-hopping and a bit of packing and unpacking for my upcoming flight to America and move to Singapore. I have had no time to catch my breath, and every time I turn around, I smack right into the next phase of my life. 

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