Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Grammar, Among Other Things

I was grading grammar sentences for my eighth grade class when I came across this series of sentences in Viktor's notebook.

1. Several of these cookies are missing.

2. All of us suspected Miss Gabriel.

3. Everyone knows that when she sees cheese, she has no choice but to take it because of a Swedish tradition.

4. Few people know about it, but it is an ancient Swedish custom to eat all the cheese cookies in any gathering.

5. Suddenly, however, no one could see her anymore because she had put on her Swedish invisibility cloak.

6. Most of the guests began to sing Finnish opera to uncover the elusive Swede.

7. Others began punching thin air in hopes of catching her. 

8. Somebody must have been a good singer because Ms. Gabriel’s invisibility cloak shattered from the Finnish war song.

It must be said aloud: Teaching is a wonderful business.


Fia said...

This is brilliant

S.L. Gabriel said...

I thought so. I like my students.

Jenny said...

I know! Teaching really is wonderful. :)

Diane Esquivel said...