Saturday, 29 September 2012

Marc Scibilia

I came across Marc Scibilia's music one day while rummaging through the bits and bobs of Youtube, and I liked it, which is saying quite a bit as I generally live a tuneless life. I promptly emailed him to see if he would be interested in an interview (why shouldn't I, a complete stranger?), and a bit to my surprise, he accepted just as promptly. From our exchange thus far, I have gathered he is a very nice person, but even more so, I have recently discovered that we are, rather strangely so, connected across time and space by one startling fact: he just happens to be cousin to my old high school Bible teacher who taught for a few years here in Singapore. Small world.

What is your name?  Marc Scibilia

Where are you from? Buffalo, NY

You're currently on tour. How are things going?

I have been touring around the country the last couple of months and am continuing on a fall tour that covers as low as Texas and up to NYC. I haven't played a show in the last four months where someone didn't drive from at least four hours away to see me. So that's really exciting!

How long have you been writing and recording your own music?
Since I was a kid, it's most of what I remember about my childhood, playing at least. I didn't think I'd ever want to get into recording, it seemed too technical. But I realized pretty early that for me, I could actually enjoy it if I approached it from the standpoint of emotion and feel. Now I own a great studio in Nashville with 3 friends. I guess I'm into it.  :) ha 

What's the best part of making your own music? The worst part?

I make a living putting my thoughts and ideas out into the open. Some people live their whole lives and no one ever knows what they think about anything. I would say that's the best and the worst part. People want to you be open, but being open is risky. 


 What artists inspire you? 

Father John Misty is a guy I'm really into right now. I think he is amazing. I love Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill. I grew up listening to a lot of rap. I hope to add a little more low end to my future recordings. 

Are you the type to wait for inspiration or to buckle down and work hard before inspiration shows up?

I used to buckle down and write, all day sometimes. Now I wait for inspiration for the most part but I think I'm going to buckle down over the next couple months. It's a seasonal thing. 

I see that Julian Smith has been following you around the country and shooting videos of you. How did that come together?

Julian and I met when we were both about 18/19... He is my best friend; I was the best man in his wedding. Working with him is very natural, which I think is why those performances feel like they do. There's no faking it with someone you know so well.

Where are you hoping your career will take you? Hawaii
Any advice for the struggling musician? Remember your sound guy's name.

 By the way, Marc Scibilia's single "How Bad We Need Each Other" was recently featured on the hit series Bones. If you like what you hear, check out Marc's Youtube channel marcscibilia, buy his music on iTunes, or if you happen to be in the vicinity, catch one of his live shows on any of the stops on his tour. (For tour dates, click here.)  I think Marc would be most happy if you did all three.

Thank you, Marc, and good luck! May the road always rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back. 

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