Monday, 1 October 2012

The Saga Continues

I am sitting on my sofa grading vocab sentences, and Victor has written the next chapter of my adventures, in which the other English teacher at my school, Mr. Adams, makes an appearance as my dubious lawyer.

1. The infamous cookie thief, outlaw Miss Gabriel, was brought before the Council of Bakers to be admonished.

2. To aggravate her crimes, the prosecutor produced photos of her eating an entire batch of cookies by herself!

3. Her lawyer, the wise Mr. Adams, was bringing an informality to the situation in his Hawaiian luau t-shirt and shorts.

4. He began his defense, "I believe we must institute a way for cheese cookies to be more defined."

5. "After all, we have never given lavish information on what exactly a cheese cookie is; is there even a single person among you who is able to describe to us this food?"

6. The morale of the Council of Bakers fell as it realized its ignorance; how could someone be imprisoned for stealing something if they didn't even know what it was?

7. Thanks to Mr. Adams oblique methods, Ms. Gabriel was declared not guilty.

8. She would not listen to his self-effacing remarks for her freedom from jail was because of him.

9. As a reward, she gave him enough money to stimulate a five-month extension on his Hawaiian vacation.

10. Subsequently to this court case, Ms. Gabriel is still on the lose today--where will she strike next?

Where indeed?

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