Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Brother Dear

Joel is here. He arrived safe and sound from India, tired from his hours in transit. I treated him to something from Starbucks before we rode the bus back from town. He arrived a day too early. Or, that is to say, he arrived precisely when he meant to, but I thought he was coming tomorrow. I am so very glad that I had managed to buy groceries during the weekend, as well as put most things in order. I purchased an extra supply of peanut butter and sliced bread, a row of brightly coloured Yakult bottles for old time's sake, and yoghurt, should he miss the lands of Sweden flowing with milk and kefir. Never mind that I had to clean the floors in my room when I got home, rearrange the furniture, wash and tumble two laundry loads, roll out the new carpet runner, tidy up the living room, and finally clean the fish bowl. (Horatio is very happy.) It is all done now, and Joel is tucked into bed with clean sheets and an Enid Blyton pocket book in his hands.

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