Saturday, 6 October 2012

To the Island!

Yuka and I recently took a trip to the Coral Island for a much needed, well deserved holiday. The journey there proved rather tumultuous--we were only told of our imminent departure late the previous evening--and it was marked by delays and a card-eating money machine. Our long, winding bus ride took us through the hazy regions of Malaysia, before we arrived to an empty ferry terminal.

 Ahoy there! Sailing for adventure!

 We arrived at last, safe and sound, and were quickly escorted to our resort by the friendly locals.

A friendly local


One of the best aspects of a holiday is that it takes you far, far away from your norm. Your thoughts no longer spin in the same circles. You are taken out of your everyday pattern, and your thoughts are safely tucked into bed, their sheets pulled gently up to their chins.  There is no need to think about tomorrow. Just the crystal seas, the blue mountains.

She waits.

 In the evening, a storm blew in--a thick, dark cloud of lightning that thundered on the horizon.

 We fell asleep to the sound of rain.

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