Monday, 15 October 2012

Bell Work

On most days, I give my students bell work; I put a prompt on the board that is supposed to teach them an element of literature. In this particular case, I asked for properly formatted dialgoe, and to get them started, I wrote the following on the board:

     “Oh, no!” Jeremy gripped his charred homework in his hands. Little pieces of ash fluttered through the air. He turned to see Mike scramble for cover. “Mike, what did you do?”
     Mike managed to get into the study, shut and locked the door and shouted through the keyhole. “I did nothing. Honest!”
     Oh, really?” Jeremy rattled the door handle. “Get out here, you louse!”

Continue the conversation in your journals. What happens?
Mathew let his imagination run wild.

"Oh, man," Jeremy stared at his homework in sadness.
"I'm sorry, but I didn't do anything," Mike exclaimed.
"If you didn't, who did?"
"I don't know. I cam in and saw your homework in ashes. It wasn't me. Would I really do that?"  Mike answered.
Suddenly, from the living room, a green, big light appeared and said, "I am Derrian the education killer. I destroyed your homework to rid you of your school bonds. You're welcome."
With that, it shot through the roof and was never seen again.
"Ah!" Jeremy woke up from his dream, sweating hard. "Whew."
He glanced over and saw his nice, perfect homework, sitting on his desk. Then Jeremy went back to sleep, dreaming of little guys of green. Little did he know, the green light was still watchimg him, waiting for more homework to devour into ashes. Jeremy's puny little mind doesn't know that the homework he thinks he has isn't homework at all.

The heart wants what it wants, I suppose, and this heart does not want homework.

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