Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dr. Sullivan

Victor has now included Ms. Sullivan, our tall, blonde, apparently evil science teacher. You'd think Master Kelley would do a better job of screening job applicants for the school.

1. Adjacent to the White House stands the Laboratory of the evil scientist Dr. Sullivan.

2. The things she experiments with would appall most people.

3. There was no brake within a mile of her building; it had all burned away from her experiments.

4. Her life's goal was to destroy the (in her opinion) despotic world rulers.

5. She would empower herself with her skills of science.

6. Her biological warfare weapons would rend all humans incoherent as they lost mental power and foamed at the mouth.

7. Nobody would be incredulous of her skills by the time she was finished with the world!

8. Her potion was luminous...

9. After drinking it, she shimmered softly; she was now the supervillain Sciency Guitar Woman!

10. Her mind was teeming with ideas--she could do anything she wanted now!

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