Tuesday, 16 October 2012

McMath the Gladiator

Victor has now implicated our history teacher in his story.

1. The crowd was silenced out of deference as the fierce gladiator entered the arena.

2. Unknown to them, however, he had an ineffably daring and outrageous plan.

3. With the help of the lethal Ms. Gabriel, Mr. McMath the gladiator was planning an escape from the arena.

4. So, when everyone looked the other way to salute Caesar who had just stepped up to his podium, Mr. McMath climbed the perpendicular wall in moments and was among the people in the stands.

5. With prodigious skill, he fought his way out of the arena, despite the many guards.

6. Once he was in the streets of Rome, he uttered his battle-cry: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"
Though not greatly profound, this statement scattered the civilians out of his path.

7. Once he reached the meeting point, he realized more than ever his reliance on his mysterious contact Ms. Gabriel, for she would show him the way out of Rome before he could track his own way through the forests to his homeland.

8. After many weeks of traveling, he was welcomed home as chief of his tribe, and he reminisced about the tales of his capture, the games, and his return.

9. The people of his village waxed angrier at the Roman Empire from hearing this story.

10. They thought wistfully of the treasures of Rome, but who knew if the tiny tribe known as the Vandals would ever be strong enough to exact revenge?


Trix said...

These stories are priceless, please keep posting them.

S.L. Gabriel said...

Glad to know you are enjoying them. Yes, I will keep posting as long as Victor keeps writing them. I hear there will be an assassination attempt in the next one.