Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I Have a Yak!

Upon my honor as a sailor worth her salt,  I solemnly swear that my student Victor has not been coerced in any form or way to produce sentences of such stuff. I also can neither confirm nor deny their veracity.

1. Gingerly, carefully, Ms. Bandy reached for the diamond upon its pedestal.

2. If she was too rash, the irascible guard dogs would hear the ringing alarms and attack her.

3. Oh! An alarm sounded and the sounds of baying wolfhounds was heard; keeping her composure, Ms. Bandy used karate to lacerate the walls and escaped with the jewel.

4. The rich millionaire lamented the loss of his jewelry.

5. He loathed it when ninjas stole his toys!

6. While meditating, Ms. Gabriel felt a disturbance in the universe and teleported Ms. Bandy to her side through the use of thought waves.

7. Ms. Bandy reitereated the tale of her near capture to the guru Ms. Gabriel.

8. "Your story is veritable, my apprentice," Ms. Gabriel replied, "and therefore you may take a break from your plundering work.

9. However, the millionaire will be very upset, so to escape his vindictive rage, you should lay low awhile.

10. I have but one request for you," continued the bandit guru. "Go and yoke our yaks to the yellow yew trees!"

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