Monday, 18 February 2013

The Fungus Amung Us

And I'm not even kidding about the mold. It's been raining for almost two weeks--great, torrential downpours which work well for keeping me inside coffee shops, but that do absolutely nothing for my little place next to the nature reserve. As much as I like living near the rainforest, it does mean that the humid air stays humid, despite my attempts at running the fan at all hours of the day and keeping the windows open. I have had to wipe mold off my white heels and my leather belt, throw away a pair of shorts, a backpack, and a pair of shoes. The musty smell is beginning to settle into my cushions. I feel like I am in a Hitchcock movie. What do you want from me? You gonna take the curtains next, huh? How about the carpets? My closet?

 If I do not report back in within two days, assume that I have been overtaken by killer fungus and send out a recovery team. 

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