Friday, 19 April 2013


Tomorrow is my birthday. These past twelve months have been very productive and a remarkable time of change, and in honour of the day, I thought it was only appropriate that I should list the my most significant events of the year to help me remember and thank God.

1. Visited Nepal for the first time. (In fact, I turned twenty-five in Kathmandu, and my fellow team members surprised me with party hats and a song when I was in the middle of brushing my teeth.)

2. Became facebook friends with Kollywood superstar Resh Marhatta.

3. Attended my first Nepalese football game.

4. Met the goalie for Nepal's national team.

5. Visited India.

6. Had the pleasure of Natalie's company in the winter.

7. Bought hamsters.

8. Sewed a skirt.

9. (Unexpectedly) became an English teacher in Singapore.

10. Visited Memphis, Tennessee, and had barbecued ribs.

11. Attended my first Major League baseball game -- The Orioles versus the Isotopes.

12. Attended my first ever American July Fourth in America

13. Moved into my first real flat all by myself.

14. Fostered a cat for five weeks.

15. Bought my first Christmas tree.

15. Passed the 40,000 word mark on my story.

16. Started the highly successful Writers' Club as an extracurricular activity for my middle schoolers.

17. Planned and executed my very first school field trip.

18. Was featured as an evil sorceress in more than one of my students' stories.

19. Became Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper.

20. Snorkeled at the Coral Island (twice).

21. Had one of my photos featured in a calendar for the Cat Welfare Society.

22. Visited Penang, Malaysia with my parents.

23. Bought my own roll-top desk.

24. Made new friends

Overall I am very pleased with this year. I visited three continents and met many firsts with style. This year I am already looking forward to finishing up my book and traveling to Durham (to see Natalie) and to London (to see sister Sofia) and to Sweden (to see my family and friends). Planning for the future has always satisfied some deep-set desire in me; it is in the human condition to make plans and long for their fruition. It is good and hopeful for the quality of the heart.

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