Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fun Run

These are the promised pictures from the Fun Run a few weeks ago. They have been sitting in my camera, waiting for me to release them upon the world. It was a wet day, a half-rain in the air, but comfortably cool for a five kilometre run. People in red shirts milled about on the green grass and the clouds rose notoriously dark along the horizon.

Elissa looks

 Joseph holds my umbrella

 My seventh grade boys before the race

 Shirtless Andrew and Zach lead the race

 Jason making a face

The first to start, first to finish: from left to right Bailey, Andrew, Zach, Benedict 

 Yuka and I were timekeepers and did not participate in the race itself. 
But we amused ourselves in other ways.

 My darling boys after the finish. I would show you a picture of my darling girls as well, but they are, as middle schoole girls are wont to be, terribly camera shy. Bailey (top left) took fourth place, coming in after Benedict, a high schooler, and Zach and Andrew, two experienced runners. I am still so proud of him.  

"I was yelling for you when you came in, Bailey!" I told him afterwards. "I don't know if you could hear me."
"Yeah," he said with a sheepish grin. "I'm pretty sure I did."

The Shang sisters 

Gentle Hannah with her dog Dash

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