Tuesday, 11 June 2013

High Fashion at High Tea

My friend Alicia and I went to high tea at the Raffles Hotel, which is very exclusive and very lovely. We dressed for the occasion, of course, and as it is a very historic place, having hosted both Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling at some point in time, I thought it was only best to wear something in the same fashion. I pinned my hair up on top of my head and wore my new blouse from Forever Twenty-one. The mint colour makes me think of Maria in the Sound of Music, and I am very pleased with it.

The Gibson girl hairstyle is much easier than you would think.

The best way to look anachronistic? Stand by a staircase and sneer at others, tut-tutting their presence in my household. "Who are these people?" I ask and wrinkle my nose as I shoo them away with my perfumed handkerchief.

Alicia, ever a lion of fashion, wore stripes (my favorite) from Banana Republic.

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