Sunday, 2 June 2013


I like my polkadot blouse. I found it in a flea market, and it was obviously a leftover from the eighties. I cut out the shoulder pads and then it was good enough to wear. Mother didn't agree. How could I wear something of the sort? I looked like a clown! Yes, mamma, and isn't it wonderful?
Ahoy there, mateys!

Puffed sleeves, polkadots, sailor collar. What's not to love? It's like someone magical found out all the best things in the world and combined them into one technicolor dreamcoat.

It's hot as hot can be here in Singapore, but I still find the time to wear stockings and long sleeves to church. The heat has never bothered me much, but my friend Alicia is coming next week and she melted into a puddle during high summer in Japan. I'm not sure how she'll fare here, but I suppose I should warn her. And I will. Eventually. 

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