Friday, 31 May 2013

The Midas Touch

As you already know, I like to frequent the Salvation Army, and I have found some real treasures. They were having a buy-one-get-one-free sale of some sort, and I bought a blue and white ceramic umbrella stand and received a beaten silver candle holder. However, as most things in my apartment are at the moment red, white, and gold, the silver just wouldn't do.

The silver bottom of the candle holder

Thankfully the answer was just seven dollars and ninety cents away. I bought another can of gold spray paint and went to work on the candle holder and the silver Aladdin lamp I bought in Penang ever so many months ago. I like gold so much I am going to use it on everything. Just you wait.

I thought for sure I had bought real gold. I am so disappointed. 



Griffin Jackson said...

I like this. The lamp is especially cool. Gold-ified.

Sanna Gabriel said...

Griffin, long time no see! Glad to know you read my blog!