Friday, 31 May 2013


 This morning I left for the American Club to have brunch with my fellow teachers. Brunch sounds so terribly romantic somehow, afternoon tea even more so, and I felt the need to dress up a bit beforehand. I bought this blue kaftan in Penang for a trifle. It is such a brilliant blue colour I always feel lovely when I wear it, as if I were ready to go to my first book signing.

Because the kaftan is sewn with straight seams down one long piece of cloth, the bottom is a little tight and only allows me to take short, dainty steps, very different from my usual fast, wide paces. I forgot this as I was trying to step down from the bus today and my leg caught in the material and down I went, and I found myself suddenly bent in reverent worship of the ground. An old lady had to help me up. So much for grace and beauty.

I collect rings from the countries I visit because they are one of the few things small enough to take with me on my travels. I do not often wear jewelry, but rings are another matter completely. I have so far collected rings from Nepal, England, America, and Italy, and the one I am wearing I bought at the Kathmandu airport when I was leaving for India.

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