Saturday, 18 May 2013

Done and Seen

I took a walk down one of the abandoned railroads in Singapore. It runs by my house, and though it is but a relic, a small piece of its former glory, I find its physical presence a comfort and a reminder of days long gone. 

Walked to the stone quarry 

Jana slept over on my couch after we had met up for a writing day, and because my living room is excessively bright in the mornings, she kept the sun at bay by putting a pillow on her head. I think. As to how effective such measures are, I cannot say. 


Jana Tan said...

I hate you for that picture

Anonymous said...

I do ever so like the train tracks here, That section of the rail way just is old, this countrie likes to forget it's history with the bunessiness of today, But to see a small almost forgeten reminder of what Singapore was, is beautiful.