Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Dear Friends,

 I'm not sure if you know already, but I have moved to Bath, England. I am here to complete my Master's degree in Creative Writing, which entails writing 40,000 words on a novel and some other essays in between. Every Monday and Tuesday I take the bus to Corsham, a picturesque little town with tiny shops and cobblestone streets, and walk to Corsham Court, an old manor house still owned by the Methuen family. The house is exactly as you would expect: grand stairs and peacocks on the lawn and grim gargoyles that spy from the corners of the roof.  

All other days of the week I spend reading books for my context module and writing independently. On Fridays I meet with my friend Katie for tea and cake and writing. I came to this course with only an idea for a book, which at the moment involves a young man and monsters, and that is all I can say at the moment.

In pyjamas at my tiny desk, which I do not use enough.

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Nard said...

Ooh I want your reading list