Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hot Springs

I visited the Roman baths here in Bath, built on the only hot springs in England. A shrine was first built here by the Celts to honour the goddess Sulis, a deity the Romans later identified as Minerva. The baths were thought to have curative properties and associated with royalty. I  was told not to touch the water, but hey--when in Bath, amiright?

Public baths have fallen away a bit in our busy Western culture. In Sweden I think people resist the idea merely for practical reasons--we wear a lot of layers. It takes some effort to peel off winter clothes. (I grossly misrepresent my people.) My hometown UmeĆ„ has in recent years been debating the location of a new bath house, and legislators finally agreed upon opening its doors in the middle of the city. I like. 

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Mmhmm. said...

I see you neglected to mention the part where you jumped in the water and started bathing, before promptly being removed from the premises by not one but two rather burly gentlemen. Tsk tsk.