Saturday, 20 December 2014


Before I left for Sweden, my British housemates decided to have Christmas dinner. Actually it was a combination of a British Christmas roast and an American Thanksgiving. Growing up in an international school with American friends and teachers, I have always celebrated Thanksgiving. Most years my mother would make a Turkey dinner with all the fixings and invite our old Singaporean friends. I am very grateful for my international upbringing.

My red Christmas dress. This is the kitchen mirror. I don't fit when I stand too close. That's because it's meant for shorter people. I do enjoy being tall. When I was a teacher, it was great because I was always the tallest person in the room. 

There was roasted chicken, parsnips and carrots and smashed potatoes. I made the sweet potato pie.

After dinner, when we had all nicely settled into our Thanksgivingmas coma, we exchanged gifts. My housemate Rachel gave me this card.

I feel very loved.

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