Saturday, 20 December 2014


On my way to London by train

where my friend Rachel Berry's parents came to get me. My budget flight to Sweden left at seven in the morning, which meant that I had to get up at three to catch the bus to Stansted, which would get me to the airport at five. But we've all been there, done that, amiright? What I really wanted to say with this picture is that the photos remind them of family, and the fake cockroach reminds them of home. Ah, Singapore. I understand the nostalgia. 

I was served a dinner of chicken, peas, and potatoes. I brought a box of After Eight for dessert, which Mr. and Mrs. Berry countered with a box of clementines. 

Finally arrived in SkellefteĆ„, where my grandmother's sister Marine picked me up from the airport and treated me to a lunch of lasagna and greens. I spent a while on her sofa, enjoying the view. Marine told me they bought the television in 1983 and it's worked like a charm ever since. 

I wouldn't be anywhere without family and friends. 

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