Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Dresser Dressed

In the bathroom of this flat, next to the sink, stands a dresser worthy of the finest English literature aficionado. Had I my own plain, old boring dresser (and a place to keep it) I would most certainly fix it up in much the same fashion.

Its entire top is overlaid with poems presumably taken from a poetry anthology of English poetry.

It is not hard to reinvent your furniture. Pull out pages from a poetry anthology (presumably you'll pick poetry you like) and arrange them on top of the dresser. You can even feel free to burn some of the edges to get that old, parchment feel to the whole endeavour. 

 Make a mixture of what Natalie terms as 'modge-podge' -- one part glue to three parts water, very much the same as that used for papier mache creations. Brush over the entire top of the dresser, making sure to cover the pages entirely and completely. Let it dry.

Don't care for poetry? Graphic novels and comic strips work just as well.

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