Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bird on a Bus

I apologize for my lack of updates. The day before yesterday I spent the day with my grandmother who was just operated for carpal tunnel syndrome; I picked her up at the hospital and we took the bus into the city to get her a senior bus pass and the very same bus out of the city to her house. As no one else will take Cool Hand Luke from my hands, even for the day, I had to pack him gently into a shoebox, which I then placed into a green bag, along with a plastic box of worms, bringing it all on the bus and hoping the busdriver wouldn't hear him softly protest from within. (I am actually quite sure that bus drivers are of the sympathetic sort, but one had better be safe than sorry. Birdie obliged by keeping his chirping to a minimum, only now and then calling to reassure me of his existence.)

Well at my grandmother's place, we had fika (Swedish tea time) and chatted about this and that, which led to her admiring my hairstyle which led to my brushing her hair and twisting it back in a bun which led to the necessity of hairpins which led to jewelry which led to her showing me her collection. We then cut off the long sleeves of the leopard print shirt she had bought at a local loppis (flea market); she had thought of covering her arm bandage up, and I slipped one of the sleeves over it, and she was very happy with the result.

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