Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pelle Svanslös

Today we went to through our things in storage. I found some books I read as I child and I told Sofia she must absolutely read them to their children, when they have them. She told me I should be the one to do it, and I will.

The Pelle Svanslös books follow the tales of Pelle, a cat born outside the city of Uppsala; he lost his tail as a kitten, and he is dubbed Pelle Tail-less by Måns, the meanest cat in the city. His adventures played a great part in my childhood, and I am currently reading Pelle Svanslös in America, of which the first paragraph reads like this:
Far, far away there is a country called America, and I believe that you've heard of this country both one and many times. It is a large, fine country with lots of cars and very tall houses, which are called skyscrapers, and ice cream salesmen at every corner because the people of America are awfully fond of ice cream.

An accurate description, no?

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