Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Day at Sea

From Stockholm Harbour, we left on the Cinderella and ploughed through glassy seas to Sandhamn. My grandmother took us all on a boat trip because she recently came into a little bit of money; boating and a dinner were in the works.

 Finally they did something sensible with the crane and painted it.

 Joel joined us despite his broken leg. Even with crutches, he outpaced a family moving down the street at what most would deem a perfectly adequate pace. 

 Grandma and Sofia

 I ordered pan-fried herring and mashed potatoes with a side of lingonberry jam. Delicious. I really should learn how to make this at home.


hope said...

all these pictures are amazing and make me wish i could meet your family.

S.L. Gabriel said...

Yeah. My family is pretty awesome. I am glad you liked the pictures.

Nat said...

that reminds me of my time with you in stockholm! yag villhag glass.