Thursday, 21 July 2011

Time Piece

Behold, I make all things new.

A great many things are abandoned for want of a battery and a bit of polish. I found one such thing waiting for me in a basket at Myrorna, forgotten and overlooked even if it perched right by the cashiers. It had a price sticker on the top and looked generally forlorn among the other cheap trinkets. It came from National Geographic, a clock most likely sent to faithful subscribers of the magazine. However, its previous owner had grown disinterested when the battery died, when the clasp wouldn't hold the two sides together. But I saw potential. It looked like a old school compass, and I envisioned myself traversing the edges of the world with this constant timekeeper. I bought it for twenty-five crowns, and once home, I peeled off the aged sticker, replaced the battery, and polished its silver sides.

It is in human nature to recreate, to make new what is old precisely because it is in  God's nature to do so. We were and are continually made in His image, and even when we let ourselves down, when we stumble and fall, when we end up--scratched, marked down--in the bargain basket for used goods, he finds us and takes us and gives us a polish, a new battery, a new life; He is most excited to take us with him on adventures.

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hope said...

beautiful time piece, beautiful prose piece. <3