Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Free Hugs

Sofia and I ran some errands today. Quite a few, I might add. I applied for a new identification card, bought two vials of ink at the stationery store, used the last of my store credit to buy a silver chain for me, a pair of earrings and a necklace for Sofia, and in two other, separate stores a toothbrush, a packet of mint drops, and a camera. I am quite pleased with my purchases, particularly that last one. I can finally take pictures at will, released from the burden of borrowing from others. (You may have found some of my recently posted pictures to look suspiciously like the ones on my sister's blog.)

While in town, Sofia caught sight of a rather forlorn looking Free Hugs guy. She herself has given hugs to random strangers in Singapore, Hollywood Boulevard, Disneyland, Venice Beach, and Skid Row in Los Angeles, California. Casting a compassionate eye on this guy, she felt inclined to show her appreciation.

Craig and Sofia* at Venice Beach

Swedes are not much for public displays of affection, and it was with some surprise that the Free Hugs guy called to his friend, "Here's one!" when he saw this certain someone come barreling at him through the crowd, arms flung wide in enthusiasm--Sofia bowled over a five-year-old in her pursuit--a woman went flying!--pigeons scattered. She tackled that Free Hugs enthusiast like an all-star football player; he folded like a cheap suit. 

A completely true story, of course.

*Sofia claims she does not always look like a boy.

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