Monday, 20 February 2012

I Call It 'Imagination'

This past week has been an absolute hodge-podge of things to attend to and I have been playing substitute teacher and taking my cousin to the movies and listening to Clara give a presentation on blogging and digital entrepreneurship at Nolia, to mention only a few things. I have, therefore, been admittedly very lazy in writing anything at all, but I will improve.

I look forward to so much. The days are only getting brighter, literally, as every day another minute of daylight is added to the hours. The sun is out, new snow has fallen (much to the chagrin of my parents), and I have finished The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt. I am almost done with my second draft, I will be attending a worship conference on Friday, and my nine-year-old friends Isabel and Erika recommended I watch A Gurl's Wurld, an Australian children's television series about three girls--an Australian, a Singaporean, and a German--who become friends while studying in Singapore and are soon tragically sundered by geography upon returning to their homeland; but they wake to find their mobile phones and computer work as teleporters! What's not to love?

P.S. When a nine-year-old recommends something, you'd do well to listen.


fia said...

ive watched a girls world in norwegian.

S.L. Gabriel said...

Oh, really?