Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sure. Why not?

I shook her hand politely and looked around the kitchen, eyes running over all the equipment. Eva smiled reassuringly. "Is this your first time in the kitchen?"


"All righty. Firstly, you have to wear the apron--kitchen rules, you know--and we're all having lunch in there--"

There was no need to remind me of my empty stomach.

"--and we'll be bringing the carts into the kitchen in ten minutes or so, after which you'll have to unload them--mind you keep track of which dishes belong on which cart because some are for the upstairs--and put them in the industrial dishwasher. See here? Just press this button to the side, and the washer will start. These metal pans on the work space will have to be emptied and placed into plastic bags--they're in the side cupboard--and you'll have to write the date on the bags before you put them in the freezer. With that marker over there, see? Right next to the box of plastic gloves, which you can use. After you've finished clearing the three carts, it'll be snack time. There are sixteen children upstairs and sixteen downstairs, at three tables, meaning you'll have to make three sets of snacks. Put three cartons of kefir, muesli, milk, water, jam, butter, and plates of cheese and salami on each cart. Oh, and this chart over here tells you what kids are lactose intolerant, so they'll need the lactose free milk and butter as well on each cart. And Marcus is on a special diet so he will need the wheat milk and an extra slice of cheese on his sandwich. Scoop the butter into six small serving bowls and the jam into plastic containers. They must have lids. It's a rule. And you need to cover the butter bowls in plastic wrap. Did I mention that the muesli is in the cupboard? Well, it is. The white plastic containers with green lids. When you're done with the carts, you'll need to bring out the one and put it in the elevator for us to bring up. We will eat at quarter to two, and we'll bring the carts back, but before we do you'll have to run through the building and empty the trash cans. I'll give you the key later and you can go out to the storage unit and get a sled and put the garbage bags on it and pull it to the trash room (the code is 0223).You need to walk down the road and turn left at the red building. The carts'll come back--you'll have to unload them and clear off the dishes again. After you're done for the day, pull out the rubber stop in the washing machine and drain the machine--press this button here--and once it's drained of water, you'll have to unscrew the rotator blade, take out the meshing and rubber stop rest and wash them. But remember to use the green brush when you do--you can't use the blue brush by the sink--because the bacteria is different and we don't want to mix them up. Think you can do that?"


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