Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shabbier Chic

Vintage is trendy among interior designers, perhaps started by ecological concern and a disgust over materialism. Things are supposed to be a little shabby chic these days, but the silliest notion I have seen so far is when people attempt to make their new things look old by sanding them down or trying a variety of distressing techniques. I say save yourself the trouble and buy second hand. Mother has accused me of adhering to the idea of 'shabbier chic,' as I have methodically destroyed bits of her home during my stay here. So far I have managed to leave the hot iron on the ironing board and then drop it on the carpet, spill red candle wax on the table, pull off the wallpaper above the door, and put a hot pot on the kitchen table, leaving a perfectly round crinkle in the yellow paint.

If nothing else, I make an impression.

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