Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day of Dance

The 29th of April was International Dance Dance where dance in all its beauty was celebrated by sporadic and sometimes improvised bouts of dancing. My brother, sister, and I have all danced through different parts of our lives. In high school I danced swing under the tutelage of Ms. Vogt, sister Sofia danced bhangra, and Joel, starting small in high school with breakdance, outdid us all by attending dance college in the far reaches of frozen Finland.

As my brother married a dancer, the Day of Dance could not slip by unnoticed in their household, and that afternoon Joel donned his high school sweater and took his wife by the crook of her arm, and they set off together for Central Station with a few friends to perform contact improvisation in the open square and, obviously, to amaze and astound the passersby with their lithe acrobatics. Photos courtesy of Petrus Hyvönen.

Natalie once said, "Joel makes growing up look cool."

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