Monday, 7 May 2012


I had a long and eventful day that began with the purchase of a watch (I thought I had better buy one seeing as I am now a teacher and must keep better track of time), a study session and health plate salad at Cafe Station, karate after three weeks of nothing, and finally an episode of I Love Lucy with my mother at the kitchen table whilst the church committee talked in the living room.

Did I tell you I am taking a TESOL course to supplement my teaching credentials? It's proven fun but time-consuming; in my last unit, I reviewed parts of speech and had to demonstrate my mastery of the subject by completing the worksheet at the end of the chapter. I thought I'd share some of my work.


He enjoyed fleeing for his life.
Bearing the brunt of the cost for her extra scooter cast him not only into bankruptcy, but also the pools and eddies of low self-confidence.
Abusing proverbs was her forte.
She took great pleasure in misunderstanding everything.
He admitted stealing away her heart and selling it to the highest bidder.

Adjectives Demonstrated in a Sentence 

Lord Tristram was bored.
The bright lights and the big city barely stirred the slow and steady pulse of his cantankerous heart.

Adverbs Demonstrated in a Sentence

He rose rather awkwardly in the morning.
He wildly flailed about in his knotted-up sheets like a man dangerously close to madness, and then quite hastily flung himself out the door and down the stairs for breakfast.

Mother says I have too much fun.

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