Sunday, 15 September 2013


Later, Mamma, Pappa, and I took the ferry out to Åland to meet up with my brother, his wife Sofia and her parents, to see my sister Sofia in action at her new job. It was a short trip, but a good one, and we still managed to get quite a few things done.

On the ferry itself. I didn't want the red to bleed out of my hair because of the briny winds. It was a cold trip.

Sofia perusing the wares of a secondhand store

The men deep in discussion.

We stopped at Pub Niska, an open air restaurant by the harbour, and ordered thin-crust pizzas.

Hans and Lotta, my brother's parents-in-law, have taken control of their vessel. Piracy, it seems, is the family business. 

Half-grown cygnets paddling about in the harbour, next to their watchful parents.

Sister Sofia keeping watch at the castle

My sister works very long hours, but she was able to take some time off to come with us to the nearby castle. We climbed up narrow staircases to the top of the wall and shivered along its length as we took in the view and pretended to fire arrows out of the arrowslits. We also tried on medieval hats and took silly pictures, and for a moment it was like we were all together as a family again and not split apart by work and geographic location. I miss my sister.   

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