Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I have one particular student who loves to write. Her name is Debbie, and she is funny and bright and possesses a sort of effortless charm. Anyone is the better for knowing her. She sent me a story to use in the Blue & Gold Gazette for the Writer's Outlet section, which is primarily devoted to stories and poems and other creative projects. 

The Princess

     Once upon a time there was a princess. Her name was Elaine. She was most beautiful and the fairest in the land. Any young man would be insane not to yearn for her. She had everything she ever needed except for a prince. So Elaine shut herself in a tower and waited for her prince to come. All the single princes rushed to her tower in hopes of having her hand in marriage.
     “When will my prince come?” Elaine wondered. She didn’t want to spend too much time in the dismal, damp, and dark tower. 
     One day passed and another.
     On the third day Elaine could feel that her prince would definitely come. As if by magic on the sixth hour of the day, she heard a knock at the door. The pretty princess flew to the door, all excited. She had known that this was the day.  She pushed the door opened. Instead of a handsome prince stood a young girl servant.
     “The king would like to ask his princess if she needed anything, m’ lady.”
     The princess sighed in disappointment. “I am waiting for my prince. Please do not disturb me.” Elaine shut the door and once again waited.
An hour passed by and then another. Then the princess heard another knock at the door. She jumped in delight; she was sure that this was the prince. She ran to the door and pushed it open. In place of a gorgeous prince was an old servant.
     “M’ lady, the king asked to deliver this to you.” The old hag held out a basket of fresh red apples. 
     Elaine slammed the door in the servant’s face, annoyed that her prince had not arrived yet.
     Two hours passed. And the young lady waited and waited. Another hour passed by and finally there was a knock at the door.
     She shot to the door. It had to be her prince this time.  She opened the door. She frowned. Instead of a prince it was her father, the king.
     “Elai—” But before the king could say anything, she shut the door.
     People are so annoying, she thought. Ten minutes later she heard a knock at the door. By this time she was still annoyed and angry. She stomped up to the door and threw the door open.
     “Get out! I am waiting for my prince! Now leave me alone!”  She slammed the door without seeing who it was that wanted to see her. She waited and waited the rest of the day for her prince to come, but he never arrived. She did not know the person that she had sent away was in fact the prince himself. So she waited and she waited, and he never came. And for all we know, the fair and beautiful Elaine is still waiting for her prince to come.

Moral of the story: Do not lock yourself in a tower for a man.

Alternative moral: Be patient even when you are frustrated with life.

Debbie restlessly hovered around my desk, waiting for my approval, while I read through her story. "Ms. Gabriel," she said, "why is it always that the girl locks herself in a tower for a man?" 
"Well," I said thoughtfully, "she is obviously desperate."
"I guess."
I gave her a wicked grin. "Why else do you think I'm up here on the fourth floor?"

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