Monday, 6 January 2014

The Reception

The day of the wedding was a clear, crisp day with frost on the ground, and it was freezing cold. The morning was spent getting ready,  putting on the dresses, and doing makeup, after which we went outside to take pictures. I was a bridesmaid, and unfortunately I did not have the time to take any pictures of Natalie apart from the one below, and besides, my hands took several hours to thaw after standing outside. I am sure I will be able to post more pictures of her later to satisfy your curiosity.

The centerpieces at the reception after the wedding. Every guest received a library card at the entrance with the title of a book on it, and then the guest had to find the right book on their respective table. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was the first book Natalie and Fran read aloud to each other during their trip around Europe four years ago.

Everyone at the table had a different plate because they had been brought to the reception by several different families.

The arrival of the bride

It really was freezing cold outside.

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