Sunday, 5 January 2014

Waxhaw, North Carolina

I arrived in Waxhaw, North Carolina six days ago to help my friend Natalie Moore with whatever bridal business I could, which consisted mostly of staying out of the way of the more productive members of society and wrapping presents. My most prestigious tasks included the bridal makeup on the big day itself and documenting the goings-on with my camera, which was more of a pleasure than a chore. Here are some pictures.

TJ and Leo, Fran's groomsmen. They spent a large part of the morning exclaiming over the American pancakes with bacon and eggs and trying to teach us a proper Scottish brogue. "Aye" instead of 'yes' and "kenna" instead of "cannot." This picture was taken right before Natalie explained to them that Fran had requested his groomsmen cake to have a scene depicting a wild west battle between cowboys and indians, with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker duelling it out in the middle. 

Coffee in the kitchen

Abby, Nat's sister, going over wedding details on her computer

Nat spent many an hour in this position


Fran's wonderful grandmother reading through the itinerary

Simon, Fran's dad, taking a picture

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